Frequently Asked Questions

Haverford Sites is a project at Haverford College managed by Instructional Technology Services in IITS. For any questions about Haverford Sites, please contact Instructional Technology Services.

The Haverford Sites project allows Haverford students, faculty, and staff to register their own domain name and associate it with a hosted web space, free of charge while at Haverford. With their Domain and corresponding web space, users have the opportunity to design and create a meaningful and flexible digital presence.

The purposes of Haverford Sites are:

1) WEB LITERACY: Master the tools and technology that make up the web to build your own space online.

As part of the Haverford Sites Domain of One’s Own project, all Haverford students, faculty, and staff can create their own subdomain (i.e., You can install open-source web applications on your domains such as WordPress, Drupal, Omeka, MediaWiki, etc. Haverford Sites will give you opportunities to experiment with these tools and build digital fluency to understand the complexities of the web.

2) DIGITAL IDENTITY: Explore the notion of digital identity and how publishing on the web can frame an identity.

Haverford Sites provides you with tools to create a digital identity that you own and manage. You can control the look and feel of your own sites. With your own domain, you can develop an identity that reflects your academic, professional, and life goals, and connects to other learners, experts, and communities.

3) RECLAIM: Learn to take ownership and control over the content you put on the web instead of handing it to third-party publishers.

With your own domain, you will have more control over your data. Unlike Moodle, you can access your own work after the semester is over, and even after you leave Haverford college.

Related Resources

A: All Haverford students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate in Haverford Sites.
A: When you first sign up, you have two options: a subdomain with (e.g., or a top-level domain (e.g., The subdomain option is free throughout your time here at Haverford. The top-level domain option is $12 a year through Haverford Sites’ hosting provider, Reclaim Hosting.
A: No. Your website can be as simple or complex as you choose. Our aim is to increase digital literacy and encourage the exploration of web development on our campus. There are a number of resources that can aid in such exploration. Haverford Sites' hosting company, Reclaim Hosting, has a great community site. provides a number of video tutorials such as WordPress Essential and Models for teaching with Wordpress. is available to all students, faculty and staff via
A: Visit and click the “Get Started” button in the middle of the page. You will then be prompted to enter your Haverford username and password. Once logged in, you’ll need to choose your domain name and install any desired web applications (i.e. Wordpress, Omeka, Drupal) from the dashboard. We have step-by-step instructions in the documentation section.
A: No. Participants can only register for one domain. However, you can create subdomains or subdirectories. For more information about creating subdomains and subdirectories, please visit 2.8.Subdomains vs. Subdirectories section in the documentation.  
Official office and department websites are built in Drupal and managed by College Communications, but class and project websites may be a good fit for Haverford Sites. Please contact if you have questions.
A: Yes.  We encourage faculty and students to use Haverford Sites for courses. There are a lot of ways to do that. You can organize your sites by creating a subdomain or subdirectory for each course. As an instructor, you can ask your students to blog throughout the semester using WordPress and you can aggregate their blogs to your main course site using syndication plugins such as FeedWordPress. This allows your students to interact with the course site via their own personal site. You might want to check Models for teaching with Wordpress on to learn how to use WordPress for your courses. Email to discuss potential uses.
A: Not necessarily. We want our students, faculty, and staff to use Haverford Sites to develop an identity that reflects your academic, professional, and life goals. We hope that it helps you to connect to other learners, experts, and communities. Please keep in mind that all content must be in compliance with the college’s Honor Code and Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.
A: Haverford Sites is hosted through Reclaim Hosting. Please read Reclaim Hosting’s Privacy Policy.

Here is what Reclaim Hosting says about FERPA (on their FAQ page): The student is controlling how much information is out there. Similar to a public blogging platform being run by a university, FERPA only requires that student records (and what constitutes a “record” is debatable) not be public unless a student gives permission. In this case if the student wanted to sign up and lock down their hosting they can certainly do that, no one is requiring them to make their information public.

Reclaim Hosting was reviewed and approved as a vendor for Haverford College by the Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) at Haverford College.

A: Haverford Sites runs automatic backups daily and weekly. You can also create a full backup of your cPanel files and databases and download those backups to a local drive. With the backup you can move your site to a new host environment should you choose. For more detailed instructions visit section 5. Backup/Export your Site in the documentation.
A: We ask you to keep your domain name until you leave Haverford College. Therefore, when you first choose a domain name, please choose one that you can live with: You should pick something that you won’t find embarrassing in the future. A good rule of thumb is to pick a domain that you would be comfortable putting on a future job application.   If you start with a free subdomain option and decide to purchase your top-level domain for $12 per year, please visit section 1.6. Registering a Domain in the documentation.
A: You have the storage quota of 1GB per user. Please be mindful of what to upload to your sites. For example, if you are working on a WordPress site and want to add audio or video files, please use a third party service like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc instead of uploading them directly to your WordPress site. If you need to contact about your storage quota, please email
A: Yes. You need to point your domain to the Haverford's server IP address (, and then add the domain as an AddOn domain to their cPanel account. Please visit section 1.6. Registering a Domain in the documentation.
A: Before your Haverford account is inactivated, you will need to move what you have built on Haverford Site to an individual account on Reclaim Hosting (the hosting provider for Haverford Sites) or another hosting provider. For more detailed instructions visit section 5.Exporting from Haverford Sites in the documentation.
Yes, in addition to the documentation we have, has a lot of courses related to WordPress, including WordPress Essential Training and WordPress for Education. Beginner's Guide for WordPress is one of the best and most comprehensive WordPress resources.  
These websites give you the instructions. You can install a plugin SSL Insecure Content Fixer to your WordPress site instead of editing the .htaccess file, as described at the Quick Guide STEP 3.